An inside look at the After-Work Schedule Notebook Collection

The latest release from Printed Portal is a collection of After-Work Schedule Notebooks.

This is a pocket-sized notebook designed to help schedule your free time after work. As can be seen in the picture below is uses a double page of notes and schedule listings for each day.

There are 3 versions of this notebook to reflect the different times that people may start work. For those of you who have an earlier finish to the working day after-work schedule (i) starts at 4pm.

Personally I don’t finish work until half 5, and do not arrive home until 6pm – so I use after work schedule (iii). After-work Schedule (ii) provides a middle option with a schedule starting from 5pm.

As you can see from the picture above the schedule is a table with the various times set out and a check box for ticking them off when the task has been completed.

Why did I create the after-work schedule notebook?

There are two reasons why I created this notebook:

1. I was finding that I was becoming less productive in the evenings after work. Too much time was being spent watching TV that I didn’t even want to watch or random browsing of the internet would magically disappear away an entire night.


2. I would find that I would remember random things that I needed to do that evening during the day at work. I would end up writing them down in my filofax, on post it notes and scrap pieces of paper… only to forget I had them.

This led to putting together this notebook.

It solves the problem by:

  • making you actively think about what you want to do in the evening, when you want to do it, what else you are already doing and how long the task will take;
  • gives you one place to write down to-dos that you need to do in the evening without cluttering your filofax, diary or work to do list
  • the notes page is great for jotting down ideas, simple things that you need to do but don’t need to schedule (or will only take 5 minutes) or what other family members are doing (e.g. if they will be late home).

Each day has an empty “date” field for you to write in the date. This gives you the flexibility to only use the notebook when you have a lot going on and need to manage your time or want to be more productive. I don’t use the notebook when I am having a quiet night off or I am already attending one event which means I do have the time (or the need) to plan anything else around it.


2 thoughts on “An inside look at the After-Work Schedule Notebook Collection

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